On long trips to their grandparent’s house, our children used to frequently ask, “Are we there yet?”  They would groan when I told them how much further we had to go.  To inspire them and keep me sane for the rest of the journey, I used to remind them of what we would do and who we would see when we arrived. Thinking on what awaited us helped encourage us to keep moving forward.  Jesus did the same for His disciples and for us.  Join us as we continue our sermon series MOVING FORWARD.

When you join us, be sure to download the Bible App and find the service under EVENTS.  Or you can go to this link at .  You’ll find scriptures, sermon notes, giving links, and a great bible reading plan that will help you start your day knowing He is with you.  We look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!  Invite someone else to watch with you! 

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