Each week at Fairlawn Nazarene Church, we explore the life and teachings of Jesus. We leave encouraged and challenged to live a life that brings the Kingdom of God to light in our community.  You can watch a video of the sermon by pressing the play button.  You can listen to audio of the message by pressing the headphone button.  And you can download the sermon by clicking on the graphic for the series so you can listen to it later.  You can subscribe to our Podcast by clicking the podcast button below and following the directions for your preferred platform.

Growing in the Kingdom 07/11

Guest Pastor Bryan Beaty

Faith Promise  06/06

Missionaries Andrew and Jenna Stout

Jesus:  The Resurrected Messiah 04/04

Interim Pastor Brent Hulett

It Is Finished 03/28

Interim Pastor Brent Hulett

When God is Late 12/27

Pastor Nicole Stovall

First World Problems 09/20

Pastor Nicole Stovall

How You Doin’?

Lead Pastor Bryan Davis

Living Through Uncertain Times

Lead Pastor Bryan Davis

Soar:  Graduation Sunday 07/26

Pastor Nicole Stovall

The Power Of His Spirit 05/31               

Good Friday Worship Night               

2020 Vision

Pastor Bryan Davis

I thought YOU had Him!

Pastor Nicole Stovall

Life:  The Musical

Rev. Terry Frizzell

Faith Promise

Kelly Love, NMI President of the Kansas District


Tom Richardson

Grace Makes the Difference

Lead Pastor Bryan Davis

What Does This Mean?

Pastor Bryan Davis

Wild At Heart

Pastor Jeremy Hall

The Disciples’ Graduation Day

Pastor Nicole Stovall

Love Story

Pastor Nicole Stovall

Pass It On

Pastor Bryan Davis

River or Canal?

Pastor Bryan Davis


Pastor Shawna Deuschle

A Thrill of Hope

Lead Pastor Bryan Davis

Faith Promise:  Absent Yet Present

Dr. Robert Broadbooks

Can God Do It Again?

75th Anniversary

Missionaries AJ and Chelsea Fry

AJ and Chelsea Fry