The greatest tool our enemy has is to sow discord in this world.  The more he can divide us, the more damage he does.  When disunity happens in the church, we are often left powerless, ineffective, and ignored by the culture.  But when we unite as the body of Christ, there is nothing that we can’t do or accomplish with God’s help.  Join us Sunday as we look to God’s Word to find out how we can stick together and do great things for the Kingdom.  We’ll share in communion together Sunday as we gather for in person worship at 10:30 am! 
Whether you join us in person or online, be sure to download the Bible App or use this link to find scriptures, sermon notes, giving links, and a bible reading plan for this week.  We look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday whether in person or online!  Invite someone else to join you or watch with you!

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