At Fairlawn, we believe in the Biblical principle of tithing. The Old Testament teaches that a “tithe” (which means 10%) of all that a believer earns is God’s and should be given to the place where a believer is fed and cared for locally. The New Testament would argue what a person gives to God needs to be an amount that both honors God and and also gives the person joy to give; for some this may be less than 10%, for others it may be more. Through the discipline of tithing, we have learned that God is pleased when we trust him today for our tomorrows, especially in the area of financial giving. As a community of faith, Fairlawn practices tithing and gives away at least 15% of our income to global and local missions.

In addition to maintaining Fairlawn and its ministries, we also partner with Topeka Rescue Mission and Topeka Door Step to help meet the needs of the community.