Fairlawn Nazarene Church
Response to the Coronavirus

These are extraordinary days we live in.  There really isn’t a template for navigating these times of upheaval.  But like everything else in life, we can have peace in our hearts that God has not forgotten us.  As unprepared as we may feel, he is always ready to respond.  It is with that assurance and confidence that we can face the situation we find ourselves in with courage and calm.  He has promised to never leave us or forsake us.  That is even more true when we are facing a pandemic.

The Church Board met in a video conference and the following decisions were made concerning our church through April 30th. You can also watch a video message from Pastor Bryan about these decisions HERE.

1)  We will adhere to government authorities as the Bible teaches us and not hold services or activities in our building.  We will continue to have worship services together online.  Those services will post on Vimeo and we will have a link to them on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am, our regular worship time. We will also post the service link on Facebook and in the Bible App.  We’ll continue to use the Bible App Events so anyone can follow along, see the scripture, and join us for a bible reading plan.  We’ll also have questions for family discussion. Our hope is that you might watch the service together.

2)  We are working with our Community Group leaders to call and check on everyone in their group.  Pastor Nicole and I will also be trying to stay in contact as much as possible.  If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let us know.

3) We will try and post some content every day to our Facebook page to encourage people and stay connected.  We also will be giving people a bible reading plan to do with us where each day anyone can leave a message of encouragement or tell us what God is saying to them.

4) We encourage everyone to give electronically (Online and Text), mail checks to the office, or drop off your tithe and offerings at the church during business hours.   We appreciate your faithfulness as we continue to pay the church’s monthly bills and work of the Kingdom continues.

5) We encourage you to check on your neighbor.  We’ve already seen hoarding as the response some people have to this challenging time.  But we are followers of Jesus.  We need to love one another, encourage each other, take care of one another.  In the darkness is when the light shines brightest.  Be a bright light for Christ in these days.

Know that you are loved!  May God watch over and keep us all as we live for Him in this fractured world.  May His peace and grace settle over your life today!

In His Grace & Power,

Pastor Bryan