Here at Fairlawn, we believe that children learn best through storytelling. We take our 1st-5th graders back to the drawing board for Story Board, our Sunday Morning Programing. We want to create a space where children can learn the stories that have shaped their lives. We want children to learn stories, and learn them well! On Sunday Mornings we have Story Board. Rather than having an hour of Unity Groups and an hour of Children’s Church, where children will learn two completely different stories, we have opted to focus on one story for both hours. One hour starts our morning with  through Story Board Discovery; followed by a “Kid-style” worship service with the story as the emphasis. Come with your 1st – 5th grader and experience the mystery and excitement of this biblical narrative!

On Wednesday Nights, we participate in Scene it! Here, we review the story we told the Sunday before. We divide into small groups, and apply these lessons to the kids- on their individual learning levels. During this time, kids not only have the opportunity to teach each other, they also hear the same story repeatedly, helping them remember the facts even better.

This Month’s Focus For Elementary


Week  1

BIBLE STORY: The Lost Sheep Luke 15:1-7 

BOTTOM LINE: God forgives you.

Week  2

BIBLE STORY: The Lost Son Luke 15:11-24

BOTTOM LINE: Everyone needs to be forgiven, even me.

Week 317Mar_Standard_Verse_NIrV

BIBLE STORY: The Older Son Luke 15:21-32

BOTTOM LINE: When you don’t forgive, you miss out.

Week  4

BIBLE STORY:  77 times/The Unmerciful Servant | Matthew 18:21-35

BOTTOM LINE:  Since God forgave you, you should forgive others.