God wants to show Himself clearly to us as we do our part in depending on Him through prayer.

God introduced himself to Abraham as Jehovah Jireh—The LORD Will Provide. And He will provide for us, too, at the end of our contradictory trials.

God introduces His characteristics to us through the purposeful revelation of His many names.  His very first name introduction is Elohim, the mighty Creator God.

How we handle money is one of the most obvious indicators of our spiritual maturity.

We must respond to persecution with great boldness by choosing to pray with godly friends, believe God’s holy Word, and expect with great faith a miraculous conclusion.

Salvation is exclusively found in Jesus the Christ.  Period.

God gets great honor when He heals us even without any faith of our own. 

The Holy Spirit will give us the courage so that He can get all the glory.

Guest speakers: Missionaries Andrew and Jenna Stout

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