God gets great honor when He heals us even without any faith of our own. 

The Holy Spirit will give us the courage so that He can get all the glory.

Guest speakers: Missionaries Andrew and Jenna Stout

 The resurrection of Jesus was part of God’s purposeful plan to reconcile us to Himself, and establish Jesus as our Christ and Lord.

God empowered the willing disciples with the Holy Spirit so that they could become effective witnesses even across language and cultural borders.

The power of the Holy Spirit provides effectiveness and influence to the follower of Christ who is willing to give everything to God.

To be bold and effective in your witness you must wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The journey of redemption allows us to step back into productive ministry and value to the kingdom.

The questions of an honest doubter often lead to the strongest believer.

Christ enters our confused and scared stories to release us from fears and brings peace. 

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