Do you think you have the best smoked pork in town?

Join the Fairlawn Neighborhood for a Smoked Pork BBQ-Cookoff. We will provide the meat, you just have to show off your skills. Want to know more? Click one of the links below. 

BBQ Cook-off Contestant Sign-up

BBQ Cook-off Contestant Sign-up

Are you interested in the BBQ Cook off? Please take a second to fill out your information. Someone will be in touch in the next business day to ensure you have all the information you need!

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If there is something else you would like to know if the church could have ready for you that day, please put it in the box below.



· 2 Competitions: Judges Competition & People’s Choice

· Individual competitors may have more than one meat entry (If entering more than one meat, must be specified in advance of the day of competition).

Judges Competition

· Each contestant will provide meat for 3-4 judges @ 3:30 pm.

· Boxes will be provided to contestants and numbers secretly assigned.

· Meat will be judged according to 3 criteria:

· Appearance

Would I want to eat this? Does it look appetizing?

Presentation of box.

Bark & White

· Tenderness/Texture

Is it tough? Really have to tear or chewing takes forever?

Is it soft? Pasty or mushy?

Does it fall apart while maintaining a pleasing and edible texture?

· Taste

Do you like it?

Does it the taste stand on its own?

Is too salty? Too smoky? Overwhelmed by spice?

· Each criteria will be judged with the following scoring system: 9 excellent,8 very good, 7 above average, 6 average, 5 below average, 4 poor, 3 bad, and 2 inedible.

· Each criteria’s score is weighted, with taste carrying the most value, then tenderness/texture, and finally, appearance. The weighting system is as follows:

· For 3 Judges: 100 points available, 33.3334 per judge 

(Taste – 1.6206; Tenderness/Texture – .8103; Appearance – .3469)

· For 4 Judges: 100 points available, 25 points per judge.

(Taste – 2.1604; Tenderness/Texture – 1.0802; Appearance – .46311)

· In the event of a tie, cumulative raw scores will be used to break the tie, in order of highest weighted category.

People’s Choice

· Once the judge’s boxes have been sent out, people’s choice competition will open.

· Each competitor will be given a supply of “ranch” cups to dish small samples of meat out to competition guests.

· Each competitor will also be given a glass jar with their name on it for collecting tickets.

· Each guest will be given 3 tickets to cast votes for their favorite meat.

· Guests may cast all 3 tickets to one competitor or split them up to 2 or 3 competitors.

· People’s choice voting will close at 4:45pm.

· Jars will be gathered and tickets tallied.

· The competitor with the most tickets is the winner.