We Are Reopening the Children’s Department!

Beginning Sunday, October 4th, we will be reopening the children’s department during the worship hour.  Here is what it will look like to bring your child into our care. Below is a list of ways we will be cleaning, using precautions, and doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy.

1. The department will be sanitized prior to first use and after each use (on Thursday or Friday).

2. All volunteers will have the same check-in requirements as children and need to check in 15 minutes prior to kids.

3. Checking in-  Only assisted check-in available (no self check-in stations open).  Check-in begins at 10:15.  If more than 1 family checking in at a time, there is a line area with 6 foot distancing.

As kids are checked in, we will ask parents 3 questions:

  1. Has your child taken fever reducing medication in the last 14 days?

  2. Does your child feel ill today?

  3. Has your child been exposed to anyone who is being tested or is positive for Covid?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, we ask that the child waits until the following week to participate in children’s activities.

4. Temperatures will be taken for all volunteers and children with an infrared thermometer before entering the department.

5. After check-in, parents will use hand sanitizer on children’s hands before children enter through the glass doors.  Security will open the doors to minimize contact.  Only children and scheduled volunteers will enter the kids department to minimize contact.  We will have a person posted at the end of the kids hallway to make sure the kids go into the proper classroom.

6. No first hour for kids at this point:  We will look at adding later once attendance improves and social distancing is no longer needed. The remaining information is regarding 2nd hour.

7. K-5th:  Masks will be worn in hallways and any time moving around the room or in hallways.  Chairs will be 6 ft apart in the kids worship room.  We will have classrooms set up as smaller group “stations” with kids 6 feet apart.  Markers, crayons, craft supplies will be divided for each child to minimize sharing.  Singing will be allowed only while masks worn.  All adults will wear masks (can be removed during snack time only and only if 6 ft apart).

8. Before AND after snack time, all children will either wash or use hand sanitizer on their hands.

9. Preschool:  All volunteers will wear masks.  Toys that cannot be sanitized will be removed from the room.  Toys will be separated into bins and each child gets their own bin of toys and/or craft supplies to minimize sharing.  All toys used and surfaces will be sanitized after kids leave the room.

10. Nursery:  All volunteers will wear masks.  Group toys (ball pit for instance) will be removed from the room.  Toys will be monitored and kept to be used by one child only.  Once the toy is done being used, it will be picked up to avoid another child using it.  All toys will be sanitized after kids leave the room.

If you have any questions or concerns on reopening the children’s department please contact pastor Nicole