When reading the Gospels, one can’t help but notice the way in which people react to Jesus. The responses are extreme—either abandoning Him or leaving everything to follow Him. Somehow, many have convinced themselves that there is a middle ground—a less extreme way to respond to Jesus. At Fairlawn Nazarene Church, we’re not so sure that’s true. We believe that what many call “extreme”—risking security and convenience, being radically generous with our lives and resources, sacrificially loving and serving people (even enemies)—is actually the very “normal” calling and expectation of a disciple of Jesus. It’s the way the that God’s Kingdom is realized here on Earth.

Throughout history, teenagers have been answering this “extreme” call. Time and again, we see in Scripture that God uses young people to impact and change the world they are living in. With this in mind, we are not content to simply have youth group. We want to teach and equip teenagers to be extreme disciples of Jesus Christ so that the light and life of His Kingdom may shine brightly here in Topeka and beyond.

Weekly Schedule


Sunday School Classes: 9:30-10:15am

Worship with Congregation: 10:30am


Youth Group Fellowship: 6:30-7pm

Youth Group: 7-8pm

Small Groups: 8-8:30pm

Components of FNC Youth Ministry

When: 9:15am-10:30am
Where: Junior high (6th-8th grade) meet in K107 on the west end
Where: Senior high (9th-12th grade) meet in K104 on the west end
What: Parent volunteers use interactive learning and discussion to teach basic beliefs, foundational truths, Biblical stories, and lessons in life and faith. Click here for more information about the teachers and what they’re teaching.

When: 6:30pm-8:30pm (6:30pm- Hangtime, 7pm Service, 8pm Small Groups)
Where: In the youth room on the west end of the building.
What: Games, live worship, relatable teaching, and small group discussion with other caring adults.